FFXIV Online Shop Review: Resshi Attire

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile, hasn’t it? I’ve been busy with numerous other things outside of FFXIV, including Mass Effect Legendary Edition and NieR: Replicant. Like most folks, I’ve been focusing less on the game with Endwalker still several months away (though I’m still picking at relics and Experts for tomestones, so that I can go into the expansion with solid gear). But I’m not really here to talk about all of that today: instead, we got a new glamour outfit added to the Online Shop, which means it’s time to review the Resshi Attire!

Set Details
Cost: $18 USD — Gender: AllDyeable: YesSet Bonuses: No
Head: Resshi Hachigane
Body: Resshi Haori
Legs: Resshi Tsutsu-hakama
Feet: Resshi Zori

In a bit of a tradition break for “Far Eastern” sets from the Online Shop, the Resshi Attire is a single release, wearable by all genders—as opposed to the more normal arrangement, where we have two highly gendered (and gender-locked) attire sets. The set also lacks any significant gender-morphing: the set largely looks the same on both male and female characters, outside of the general sort of differences you’d expect for things like chest shape.

There are only four items in this set (compared to the common five), though the pieces that are here are fairly well-modeled, with two caveats: both the hachigane and haori have some serious hair clipping issues. I was unable to find a single hairstyle that didn’t clip with the hachigane, and the (otherwise lovely) scarf on the haori clips with longer styles both in the front and the back. Tail clipping wasn’t particularly noticeable for my female miqo’te outside of the usual during movement, though I could see more potential trouble for male miqo’te. Some idle poses seem to cause hand clipping with the haori, too, though that’s a general problem with a number of the game’s idle stances for female characters in general, rather than specific to the haori.

All four of the included pieces are dyeable (as we should expect for an $18 set!), with each piece dyeing about how you would guess them to. The hachigane, tsutsu-hakama, and zori all dye along a single primary channel, while the haori does have some two-tone, with the inner layers taking on the darker shade of your chosen color. In general, the dyeing patterns are solid, with no particular complaints on my part. You can see the set in the gallery above using Dalamud Red to get an idea of how things will look!

As far as general usability, this is one of those sets that’s somewhat diminished by the fact that we have a lot of similar items available already, much of which comes from Stormblood content (or the Online Shop), with the Eastern Journey set coming to mind immediately in terms of profile when I first saw this new one. The haori’s scarf also reminds me of the one on the Myochin Haori—though this one does have the benefit of being available to all jobs! Similarly, we’ve got a wide variety of hakama and other similar baggier pants, and a few different varieties of zori and similar footwear. While these are all unique in the details, they don’t particularly expand glamour options to a strong degree.

None of that really tanks the set, though. You get some solid modeling (though the hair clipping issues are frustrating!) and great dye patterns on the set. While you don’t get the full bang for your buck on this set (since you only get four pieces for the same price many other sets give five), if the particular pieces appeal to you, I don’t think you’ll regret your purchase here (especially if you want the haori for a non-Samurai job).

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