FFXIV Online Shop Review: Oracle’s Attire

My partial sojourn from FFXIV continues. I’m still online most days, but I’m not going to put myself through the ordeal of trying to get solid gearsets for every role like I did before Shadowbringers, when it gets so much easier to gear out existing jobs for the climb to 90 after the expansion drops anyway, which should mean going into Endwalker fully energized to really tackle the game (though I do intend to get my various Shadowbringers relics finished before 6.0!). In the meantime, though, let’s talk about the new cash shop set, Ryne’s Oracle’s Attire!

Set Details
Cost: $12 USD — Gender: FemaleDyeable: NoSet Bonuses: No
Body: Oracle’s Top
Legs: Oracle’s Pantalettes
Feet: Oracle’s Leggings

In FFXIV‘s long tradition of NPC “costume” sets, the Oracle’s Attire is in many ways unremarkable: it features the same familiar limitations of being gender-locked and non-dyeable. Thankfully, the three pieces you do get here are well-modeled—I noticed very little clipping in my usual checks. The familiar tail clipping with any longer piece is there, but it’s relatively minor, so I doubt that will diminish anyone’s enjoyment of the set. Otherwise, you get what you would expect from the outfit of one of the most important NPCs in Shadowbringers: solid gear pieces meant to feature prominently in the story and cutscenes.

All three pieces are fairly unique, too, offering lighter fare that we don’t often see in sets with similar profiles. The dress is slim and pretty while not being overly frilly, as are the pantalettes, and the boots are reminiscent of existing pieces (such as the original Summoner Artifact boots) while still standing out on their own. In the case of the boots, that uniqueness does come with a little cost: the parts with exposed skin work unfortunately with tights (not showing them at all) which can cause some strange resulting looks (they clash with the 2B Leggings, for example).

All in all though, this is a solid set from the cash shop. While the $12 price tag is slightly steep for only three items, since some other costume sets get four or even five, there’s still Minfilia’s Modish Attire, which was only two items for the same price. Including Ryne’s daggers could have been a welcome addition here, but I doubt that little gripe is really going to stop folks from enjoying this one, though in terms of overall value, you’ll probably want to have uses in mind for all three pieces (or intend to full-time the boots!).

One’s mileage may vary, of course, but that’s my take on this one!

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