FFXIV Online Shop Review: Street Attire

For quite some time now, most new glamour-centric additions to FFXIV‘s Online Shop have been single-piece NPC outfits or items from prior seasonal events, which has largely meant that activity here on Fashion Ninjutsu has been pretty slow (I’m not glamouring nearly as much as I once did, which is why new Glamour Spotlights have largely disappeared, too). Just last week, however, that finally changed, with the addition of a new set of Street Attire, which has already proven quite popular both on the game and social media.

Set Details
Cost: $22 USD Gender: Any Dyeable: Yes Set Bonuses: No
Head: Street Cap
Body: Street Jacket & Street Top
Hands: Street Handwear
Legs: Street Cargo Trousers
Feet: Street High-Top Shoes

And what a set this one is, clocking in at a whopping $22, but with the added bonus of an additional body piece beyond the norm for a set like this one. While the Street Jacket has proven the more popular of the two so far, the Street Top shouldn’t be discounted either, and, I hope we see sets like this in the future, since body pieces are often the best part of sets like these and with them packaged together like this, we don’t have to purchase two separate sets just to get both!

In terms of general quality, this is definitely one of the best offerings we’ve had on the Online Shop in quite a long time, even accounting for the fact that it’s been so very long since the last set of this type (over an entire year ago, with last summer’s Resshi Attire). So far in my time with the set (which has been fairly extensive, and I’m in love with the Street Jacket and Handwear in particular), I’ve found little in the way of noticeable tail clipping, which is a welcome thing for all of us tailed folks out there. Hair clipping is somewhat more significant, with the prominent collar causing trouble with some longer styles (including the ponytailed style I’m now using for Alahra, but the clipping is minor enough that it hasn’t stopped me from wearing the jacket almost religiously). The Street Top (which you’ll see second in the gallery above) has even fewer modeling conflicts.

Each one of the six pieces in this attire set is also dyeable, and the above gallery includes examples in Iris Purple. Five of the pieces (the Cap, Jacket, Handwear, Cargo Trousers, and High-top Shoes) dye along a single channel (which, as long time readers will know, is almost always my preference). The one dyeing oddity of the set is with the Street Top, which does include a second color channel (the undershirt). For demonstrative purposes, I’ve also included a shot of the Top dyed Grape Purple, so that you can better see the difference in tone between the two channels. I would have much preferred that this piece also stuck to a single color channel (ideally with the undershirt remaining black), but I’m still quite happy with the piece as it is.

When it comes to general applicability for the set, I’d highlight the Cap, Jacket, Top, and Handwear as the most flexible pieces. I’ve already seen a wide variety of different uses for them while wandering around Eorzea and browsing social media, and I’m considering making some of them permanent parts of my repertoire. Of all the pieces, I think I’m enamored with the Handwear most of all. I love the single glove style, and I rather like the jewelry for the other hand as a compliment to the set (and the wonderful fact that the dye affects a characters nails, rather than the leather or metal pieces). The Cargo Trousers and High-tops seem less useful to me, though that might simply come down to my dissatisfaction with the modeling of most pants in the game, and your mileage might vary!

On the whole, I’m incredibly happy with this set and my purchase of it. While it does run quite a bit higher in price than other glamour sets of its kind, the wide variety of solid pieces and the inclusion of a second body piece with the set makes that higher price largely worth it in my estimation. The modeling is great, aside from the potential for hair clipping (and if you simply must stick to a hairstyle that gives you trouble, the Street Top does give you an option with less potential for clipping, which is quite welcome), and most of the pieces dye quite well, too (with even the Street Top style dyeing nicely—imagine if dye changed the color of the Moogle Emblem on the back!). I love the set enough that at some point I’m going to pick it up for my main alt character, and I might even swing it for one of my rarely played RP alts just because of how appropriate it is for both of them! I think you’ll be happy with your purchase here, but it should be noted that for this set, if you’re only after one or two pieces, the higher price tag does sting.

2 thoughts on “FFXIV Online Shop Review: Street Attire

  1. Your Mog Station reviews continue to be incredibly helpful, and I really appreciate them! I’ll admit I’m pretty tempted by that glove, but I think my character’s fashion sense isn’t modern enough for the set as a whole 😅. Also, I like Alahra’s new hair!


    1. Awwe, thank you! I’m glad you find them helpful. The set is pretty pricey for just the one piece, sadly, that’s its one downfall. And, thank you again! It’s really grown on me since I started using it several months back.


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