FFXIV Online Shop Review: Fat Cat Attire

It’s that time again! After quite a long time without any unique glamour sets on the game’s Online Shop, we’ve gotten both the recent Street Attire and the newly added Fat Cat Attire within a couple months of one another. Hopefully this signals the return of a more regular schedule of additions again, since NPC costume sets often have limited glamour utility and it’s simply fun to have new toys to play with!

Set Details
Cost: $22 USD Gender: Any Dyeable: Yes Set Bonuses: No
Head: Fat Cat Hood
Body: Fat Cat Loungewear
Legs: Fat Cat Halfslops & Fat Cat Shorts
Feet: Fat Cat Slippers

Like the Street Attire before it, the Fat Cat Attire comes only in a single set with a single variation included (this time for the Leg piece) to mimic what once might have been separate male and female glamour sets. It also features the higher-than-usual price tag of $22, but this time, the attire set only includes five items, rather than the six that came with purchase of the Street Attire. This is a bit of an odd choice since, as you’ll see in the gallery below, the set does actually feature a pair of hand-warmers which could have been included as a separate item for more glamour options, but for some reason they’re attached to the Loungewear piece.

The quality here is fine, overall. Individual pieces are well generally well modeled, with the only noticeable clipping being for longer hair styles when the loungewear is worn without the hood. With the hood equipped, hair doesn’t display at all, which does neatly avoid clipping, though it can look kind of strange given how baggy the hood is. Personally, I do think it would be nicer for the hood to obscure the obvious hood on the loungewear itself in some way, so that it looks like you’ve actually pulled the hood up, but that would have the effect of making the hood less usable in isolation, so your mileage may vary. Much like the hood, tail clipping with the loungewear is avoided by hiding the tail entirely (replaced instead, I suppose, by the puffy “tail” on the hoodie). This choice will come down to personal preference, since it’s a bit strange for a body piece of this size to obscure the tail, but clipping would probably be very significant otherwise, so I’m a fan of the decision.

Where the set somewhat falls short is with its dyeing pattern, though. My dreaded multi-channel dyeing nemesis returns for the Fat Cat Attire. This set even goes the extra mile, dyeing multiple channels (not just two!) based on your chosen one, which is most noticeable on the shoulder area of the loungewear. The gallery above features the set in Pastel Blue to give you a solid idea of the different shades the game defaults to. The result works well enough in some colors, but in many others, the darkest shade chosen really stands out in a way that I’m not fond of. Depending on the vibe you’re going for, this is both a blessing and a curse: if you want to lose the Fat Cat aesthetic of the loungewear, for example, you have a range of color choices that make it look like a plain hoodie. If, on the other hand, you want a different type of Fat Cat (a black- rather than white-based calico, say), you’re out of luck.

In terms of glamour utility, I’d imagine the most interesting pieces will be the loungewear for the casual hoodie vibe, which is the best example of its type in the game now and possibly the halfslops and shorts, depending on what you’re looking for. All of the pieces can have a lot of roleplaying value for casual settings for the right sorts of characters, though, which pushes the set up a notch in my estimation. It’s not a set I’ll use directly for glamour myself, but I can see myself using the loungewear, shorts, and slippers roleplaying scenes at Alahra’s home.

With that said, the high price tag of $22 stings here more than it does for the Fat Cat Attire. Were the hand-warmers a separate item, rounding the total for the set up to 6 pieces, this wouldn’t be so much of an issue, but losing the ability to glamour other handwear or simply use the loungewear with bare hands in addition to effectively being shorted a glamour item for your purchase is rather frustrating! Since glamour potential is somewhat limited for the set as a whole, that hefty cost is a hard pill to swallow. As usual for these sets, what matters is most is how much it appeals to one’s personal tastes, but I definitely think this one could have been more valuable given the price.

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