Alahra Valkaire, the White

Often quiet and at least initially reserved, Alahra is fiercely loyal to those she cares about and more flirtatious than she likes to admit. Outcast from her nocturnal miqo’te tribe, she eventually acclimated to a diurnal cycle and lives now as a semi-retired adventurer in Eorzea and proud member of the Maelstrom, the Grand Company sworn to the state of Limsa Lominsa—at least outwardly. In truth, under the name Athena, she serves as a Scion of the Seventh Dawn and is thought by some to be the Warrior of Light herself. Though a warrior and hunter at heart, she is fascinated by various scholarly pursuits, with the field of alchemy being of particular interest.

Alahra is vain and obsessed with her appearance, frequently changing her attire throughout the day, especially when not on any sort of official business.

Birth Name: Alahra Valkhir. Nickname: Allie. Alias: Athena Glaukopis.
Age: 33. Gender: Female. Orientation: Bi (femme-leaning). Race: Miqo’te.
Clan: Keeper of the Moon. Guardian: Azeyma, the Warden.
Nameday: 30th Sun of the 5th Astral Moon.


The Matron’s Daughter
Leaving the Twelveswood
Allegiance to the Maelstro
Doman Fascinations
Vices of the City
The Warrior of Light?
A Scion of Light
Shells of the Cicada
The Weary Wanderer

The Matron’s Daughter

Though she does not take pride in or often acknowledge it, Alahra is the firstborn daughter of Ahrane Valkhir, a cold and calculating tribal matriarch who, several years before the birth of her daughter, siezed control of her tribe from its former council, consolidating tribal rule beneath her will alone. As the matron’s eldest daughter, Alahra’s first responsibility is to one day accept the matronhood from her mother, and her second is to provide the family line with an heir (a daughter, of course) to consolidate her line’s control of the tribe for the next generation.

However, as Alahra began to become her own person in adolescence, she had frequent clashes with her mother over everything from her hobbies to her responsibilities as the matron’s firstborn. Shortly after her seventeenth nameday, Alahra struck out on her own in anger, abandoning both tribe and responsibilities, taking on the modified spelling of her tribal name that she uses today. Since then, Alahra’s contact with her mother has been infrequent and most often indirect, by way of Alahra’s half-sister Lynahra, who serves as a somewhat reluctant intermediary between them.

In all the years since Alahra’s departure, she has never reconciled with her mother.

Leaving the Twelveswood

By the necessity of geography, Alahra’s self-imposed exile lead her to Gridania, where she put her tribal upbringing as a hunter to use, living as an adventurer and mercenary both. In time, however, the rigid adherence of Gridanians to the “will of the elements” and their general distrust of outsiders came to remind Alahra too much of her tribe’s insular nature, and she realized she would never feel at home there. Thus, she set out to expand her horizons, and perhaps, find someplace to call home.

For a time, she lived in Ul’dah as an apprentice of the Alchemists’ Guild, exploring the main hobby that caused her to clash with her mother in her youth. She took well to the profession and served the guild admirably, eventually accepting contracts of service with both the Goldsmiths’ and Weavers’ Guilds as well, finding satisfaction in using her hands—something she had often been forbidden to do as matron’s daughter. As with Gridania, however, Alahra never quite felt at home in Ul’dah, whose citizens seemed to her excessively preoccupied with wealth and status. After her contracts expired, Alahra set out once more, this time for the nautical state of Limsa Lominsa.

Once there, Alahra worked for a time as a clerk at Mealvaan’s Gate while also continuing to practice her burgeoning trade skills. Since the Lominsan point of port was connected with the Arcanists’ Guild, she dabbled there in the practice of arcanima and experimented with magic more generally out of curiosity, but she never took particularly well to their crafts. It was through her work at the Gate that she came into contact with the city’s secretive Rogues’ Guild, however, and it was the guild’s strong sense of honor that led her to become a member, putting the combat training she received in her youth to work as an agent dedicated to stamping out lawlessness in a city paradoxically founded on the very same.

Allegiance to the Maelstrom

After a time, Alahra’s work with the Rogues’ Guild earned her the attention of the Maelstrom, the Grand Company serving Limsa Lominsan interests. Though Alahra was hesitant at first to swear loyalty to the city proper, she had begun to feel at home there, and after deliberation, she signed on. Early on, she served more or less as a conscripted adventurer, continuing her service to the Rogues’ Guild alongside her duties as a Storm Private.

As she worked and moved up in the Company’s ranks, Alahra slowly began serving only as an honorary member of the Rogue’s Guild, devoting her time almost exclusively to Company matters. Once her training formally concluded with the Guild, she left it entirely, though she has always kept herself available for assistance to the Guild and occasionally works with them to deal with matters important to the Maelstrom or Lominsa as a whole.

Now having risen to the rank of Storm Captain, Alahra has taken on a more advisory role, having retired from Maelstrom service in most respects. Still enamored with the city that became her home, Alahra yet lives a life of comfort in La Noscea. Her old instincts do rise up from time to time, however, and she has been known to go on occasional expeditions or accept mercenary work as her remaining Maelstrom obligations and other duties allow.

Doman Fascinations

As the Rogues’ Guild occasionally assisted Doman refugees in various matters, Alahra became enamored with the foreign culture, most especially its cuisine, fashion, and martial arts. With occasional tutelage from Doman shinobi working alongside the Guild, Alahra has learned to supplement herself in combat with their techniques and relies greatly on their penchant for disguise and stealth in her personal life (see “The Warrior of Light?” below).

With something of a childlike obsession (that in fact began in her childhood, following a journey her mother made to Othard in her youth), Alahra often incorporates Doman elements into her living spaces and clothing, and she also has a strong preference for Doman food over Lominsan fare (or the “dreadful” meals common from her tribal youth). She is readily seduced by the promise of proper Doman rice or noodles, and she finds it endlessly frustrating how difficult it is to acquire Doman-style clothing in Eorzea.

The Vices of the City

Now well-acclimated to life in the city and having made a comfortable life as a former adventurer (with supplemental income occasionally brought in through her alchemy), Alahra rarely denies herself any indulgences. She is fond of the finest food and drink and has developed something of a taste for aged whiskeys, which she favors in social situations, as she is somewhat shy. When on her own for the evening, she is commonly found nursing a glass of the stuff at a local tavern or restaurant—although she is shy, she strangely likes to indulge in her thoughts in public places.

As she has been since her youth, Alahra is also fond of books, and she has spent much of her leisure time since coming to Lominsa expanding her personal library. She finds history fascinating, with a special preference for Nymian civilization, including its descendants, the tonberries. Naturally, following her obsession with Doman culture, she collects Doman literature when she can get her hands on it. On those nights when she prefers to stay in and lacks company, she most often curls up with a book and whiskey or wine, reading until sleep steals over her eyelids.

But beyond her love of books, fine food, and expensive drink, Alahra has become obsessed with perfecting her appearance. As the matron’s daughter, she grew up expecting a certain amount of comfort, but she never took to the trappings of nobility, as she associated the finer dress of the highborn members of the tribe with her mother and her responsibilities as the firstborn daughter. Since coming to Lominsa, however, free to dress as she pleases, she spends untold amounts on fashion, procuring expensive fabrics and dyes to perfect her latest fancy. Her outfits often change with her moods, and she rarely makes it through a day without changing at least twice.

The Warrior of Light?

To satisfy a personal desire for coherence with FFXIV’s Main Scenario, I also play a version of Alahra as the Warrior of Light, for those who are interested in such things. In general, one can assume much of the Main Scenario and major side stories apply to Alahra (with some minor differences here and there), but because Alahra does her best to conceal her true identity as a Scion, there is no need for any given character to recognize her unless you want to include such elements in RP with her—for most players, she can easily be read as a more general denizen of Eorzea (or Norvrandt). If you’re interested in scenes involving the famed Warrior of Light (or Darkness), however, I am open to the idea, using Alahra as my personal version of the character. Everything contained under this “Warrior of Light?” heading can be largely ignored in most RP but is included for sake of completeness and for those who find such things interesting, whether inside or outside of RP.

A Scion of Light

Alahra may not admit to it to any outside the organization or those she trusts deeply, but in the course of her service to the Maelstrom she came to be inducted into the Scions, the loosely independent organization of scholars and Echo-touched adventurers dedicated to the protection of Eorzea from greater threats such as primals and the Garlean Empire. Possessed of the Echo and Hydaelyn’s Blessing of Light, she has served the Scions as their champion and a slayer of primals for many years now, and she takes her duties to the Scions more seriously than most other things in her life. In order to maintain a semblance of a personal life as her fame continues to grow, however, Alahra takes great pains to conceal her identity as a Scion from the general populace. Between assignments, Alahra rarely wears her more dedicated adventuring gear and relies on the shinobi’s methods of disguise often, frequently re-styling her hair and wearing clothing one might not associate with a famed slayer of tribal gods, all in service of maintaining a sense of normalcy outside of her duties.

As a Scion, Alahra has traveled the width and breadth of Eorzea, helped to topple the corruption of Ishgard’s Holy See, and served in the twin liberations of Doma (working closely alongside Lady Yugiri Mistwalker and her shinobi) and Ala Mhigo. More recently, she has somehow gained the ability to cross the great Rift between the Source and the First of its shards, where she often uses the name Alea-Rae in her guise as a normal adventurer, which she maintains even across the Rift. Ever uncomfortable with her fame on the Source, Alahra has come to spend much time there, but with time similar rumors have come to circle around her across Norvrandt, too, slowing chipping away at the shard’s effectiveness as a sanctuary from her fame. On Norvrandt, there are particularly persistent rumors that she seeks solitude somewhere deep beneath the waves of the sea

Shells of the Cicada

For reasons unknown to her, the women in Alahra’s direct family line possess a strong affinity for and abundance of dark-aspected aether, making them powerful thaumaturges or sorcerers should they pursue such a discipline. Never having had the mindset for proper magic use, however, this boon of her lineage has largely been wasted on the matron’s daughter. Even so, this mark of Alahra’s heritage can sometimes manifest in spontaneous “outbursts” (as she calls them) of dark-aspected aether. When Alahra becomes overwhelmed with stress or some powerful emotion, these manifestations can sometimes take the form of shadowy echoes of the woman herself. The more intensely Alahra feels such things, the sharper the echoes appears to onlookers.

Through techniques of meditation learned during her tutelage as a shinobi, Alahra has learned to largely control these dark outbursts, and they rarely manifest outside of her willing them to now. Most commonly, she uses her strange magic to confound her adversaries or protect herself (such as with in-game abilities like Ninja’s Shade Shift and Bushin, or Dark Knight’s The Blackest Night and Living Shadow), but she has slowly begun to blend her ninjutsu with this less codified method of aether usage to use her inner darkness offensively, as well (mostly represented by Dark Knight’s suite of abilities in the game itself).

The Weary Wanderer

Since her defeat of Elidibus in the First, Alahra carries the stone of Azem on her person at all times, normally concealed in a pocket near her heart. Through the Echo, she has managed to probe some of the stone’s secrets, learning her true name of Athena, further understanding of her role as the Shepherd to the Convocation, and just why she found herself so inexplicably drawn to Emet-Selch before his inevitable defeat over the ruins of lost Amaurot. The knowledge, of both her former place on the 14th Seat and of her doomed relationship with Emet-Selch, has left Alahra greatly conflicted.

On the one hand, the revelation has put much of her life into context: her insatiable need to escape the insular boundaries of her clan home, her resonance with Azeyma as Warden, and her inability to stay in one place for too long (even the comfortable confines of her own home) all seem clearer in this new context. On the other hand, her promise to remember and her growing sense of responsibility to carry on some part of the old world’s legacy (even if not specifically that of the Ascians) feel like too much of a burden for one woman to bear, most especially given the life she must still lead in the present. More than ever before, she is prone to long periods of internal reverie, but often grateful for the sorts of distractions that can keep her brooding at bay for a time.

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