All Good Things…

t will no doubt have been apparent to all of you that I have been struggling to maintain an active posting schedule for the past month, and my honest understanding of my situation right now is that this will be continuing into the new year and quite possibly indefinitely.

As a result, I have made the decision to cease operation of the Fashion Ninjutsu Patreon, as I don’t feel it’s right to continue soliciting donations when I can’t produce the content people have signed up for when they contribute. The site itself is going to continue, likely operating a little more as it did when it began: my personal blog with a focus on Glamour Spotlights, with less focus on other aspects like set galleries, cash shop reviews, and other writing. Some of these may return in time, but for now, I want to take Fashion Ninjutsu back to the basics.

I want to take a moment to offer my sincerest, heartfelt thanks to all of you who have contributing to keep the site going over the past few years during its Patreon period. It’s meant so much to me over the years that you all saw the little thing I was doing and found value in it. I got to write so many things I wouldn’t have been able to do without you. Thank you so very much.

If any Patrons would like a refund for December, please contact me via Discord (Alahra#3322), Twitter (@alahrav), or email ( I’m not able to process them directly through Patreon at this time, but I am more than happy to do so personally via my PayPal account.

When it comes to the Discord, my intent is to preserve it, possibly opening it up in the future for general use. If I’ve set up everything correctly, you should still all have your channel access, and I’ll likely be opening up the channel to the public sometime in the future. In anticipation of that, all current Patrons have been granted the special Legacy role. While it won’t offer any special privileges, it’s a little way of saying thanks for all of your support.

Thanks again for all your amazing support over the years! I’ll see all of you on Discord, on Twitter (@alahrav), and perhaps in game as the years go on!